Sunday, October 29, 2006

Ethnic targeting at the C-store

Circle K is launching a program to carry a range of Hispanic items in their convenience stores.
The Authentic Hispanic program offers various planograms including complete 4-foot and 3-foot dry grocery food and HBA displays of over 70 SKUs along with 10 beverage SKUs in the refrigerated section. The program features the most popular Hispanic brands such as Jumex, La Costena, Hershey Lorena, Nestle, El Azteca and more.
It sounds like a great idea. The logistics seem iffy, though. The whole idea of a c-store is to have a very small range of very high-volume items at high margins. To add into their distribution chains another sub-set of items that either go into only some stores or, alternatively, go into stores where they won't sell, will present difficulties.

It will be worth watching.

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