Sunday, November 02, 2008

Bye-bye , Vista / Hello, Windows 7

Microsoft bid a probably not-very-fond adieu to the Vista name -- a thoroughly damaged brand -- reintroducing the product as Windows 7.
Microsoft introduced what it said would be a slimmer and more responsive version of its Windows operating system on Tuesday, while unceremoniously dropping the brand name Vista for the new product.
Vista got a cold response from both techies and ordinary users, and it will be interesting to see if the new version is a big improvement. Vista is blamed for Microsoft's recent lackluster financial results.
The problem was highlighted last week when Microsoft reported its financial results for the most recent quarter. Its Windows unit reported just a 2 percent rise in revenue against a 4 percent decline in operating income. The computer industry viewed the setback as a shift of historic proportions. The company acknowledged last week that the mix of Windows sales in both mature and emerging markets had tipped more toward low-cost PCs, which come with lower-margin versions of Windows and often not Vista. Sales of Office software rose 23 percent, bringing in more revenue than the operating system.

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