Tuesday, March 06, 2007

TPMA to form Durables Council

I just got off the phone with Mike Kantor of Trade Promotion Management Associates, discussing a host of issues. Mike mentioned that today is his one-year anniversary with TPMA (congratulations, Mike), and that started us discussing how very far the group has come in that time, and what further opportunities for growth and service to the industry still exist.

We were in full agreement that everyone will benefit if TPMA has greater participation from the consumer durables and business-to-business sectors. CPG, durables and B2B all have much to offer in terms of differing approaches to trade promo and they also have much to learn from each other. The growing convergence of the sectors means they need to share ideas. Everybody will benefit if TPMA provides the forum in which each group can both address the topics specific to their sector and share ideas across sectors.

The upshot of the conversation was a decision to form a Durables Council to address ways to increase participation among durables companies, and to solicit input on the issues such companies want to see addressed.

As the idea develops, I'll be posting more here and in TPM Update. In the meantime, if you'd like to be a part of the Council or just want to share your ideas on what needs to be done, please contact me.

We'll keep you informed on developments.

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