Saturday, March 03, 2007

Nike doing private label with Payless

Nike is introducing a new brand of athletic shoe, Tailwind, as a private label at Payless stores. The shoes will be made by Nike's Exeter group, which markets the Starter and Shaq brands.

Discount shoe retailer Payless ShoeSource Inc. has paired up with a subsidiary of Nike Inc. to market a high-performance $34.99 running sneaker, a move that both companies hope will take advantage of a highly lucrative market.

Under the terms of the multiyear deal, Exeter Brands Group LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nike, will design and produce the shoes under the Tailwind collection, while Payless will serve as the exclusive retailer.

The question is why Nike wants so many brands at the low end. One thought is that they intend to pursue a private label strategy with mass merchants, with Tailwind exclusively at Payless, Starter at (mostly) Wal-Mart, and Shaq at other mass outlets.

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