Saturday, March 03, 2007

FTC holding "Rebate Debate"

The Federal Trade Commission is holding a workshop on rebates in San Francisco on April 27.

For many years, manufacturers and retailers have used mail-in rebates as a marketing tool. Despite their popularity, however, many consumers have had negative experiences with rebates, and have begun to distrust them. Moreover, some businesses are beginning to question whether the costs associated with rebates exceed their benefits.

At this public forum, manufacturers, retailers, fulfillment houses, consumers, and government officials will discuss how to implement successful rebate programs and how to avoid the pitfalls others have experienced. Speakers will describe various types of rebate programs, share the “best practices” they have developed for fulfilling or implementing rebates, debate the pros and cons of rebate marketing, and discuss the past and future role of government in improving consumers’ experiences with rebates.

Sounds like an interesting event. Details are available here.

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