Monday, June 09, 2008

Wal-Mart's Marketside sounds a lot like Fresh & Easy

The first description I've read of Wal-Mart's new format, to be called Marketside, sure sounds an awful lot like a Fresh & Easy wannabee:

... the stores will feature a smaller assortment than a traditional grocery store and will focus on fresh goods.

The world's largest retailer, which has described Marketside as "the neighborhood market for busy people with a taste for fresh and delicious food," is preparing to open four of its first stores of this format in the Phoenix, Arizona, area. Plans have been in development for 18 months.

Sound familiar? Here's the same article describing Fresh and Easy:
Tesco wants to woo U.S. shoppers with smaller convenience stores that emphasize ready-to-eat meals and fresh produce.
The Marketside stores will be about 15,000 square feet


Anonymous said...

There are a number of stories in these blogspot blogs I read regularly, along with yours, about both fresh & easy and Wal-Mart Marketside. Thought you might find of interest.

Richard Sena

Bob Houk said...

Thanks for the tip, Richard. I was aware of freshneasybuzz, but naturalspecialtyfoodsmemo is new to me -- I'll check it out.