Friday, March 13, 2009

Walmart opening "Supermercado de Walmart"

Walmart is opening two news stores, in Phoenix and Houston, catering to the Hispanic market. The stores will open in former Neighborhood Market locations of about 39,000 square feet.

The retailer said that the stores were in “strongly Hispanic neighbourhoods” and would feature a “new lay-out, signing and product assortment designed to make them even more relevant to local Hispanic customers”. The staff will also be bilingual.

Wal-Mart’s Sam’s Club warehouse store also plans to open a 143,000 sq ft Hispanic-focused store called Más Club in Houston this year.

Other supermarket chains (e.g., Publix, HEB) are opening similar stores, and a great many retailers, including Walmart, are customizing some of their stores to reflect the demographics of their area. It probably is relevant, as well, that the head guy at Walmar's US stores was formerly the head of Walmart Mexico.


Anonymous said...

That is absolutely absurd

Anonymous said...

What about all the other languages will they cater to them also?

Bob Houk said...

Not sure why it would be absurd. There are sections of Chicago (and most other large cities) where I can (and often do) shop in stores dedicated to merchandise for Chinese, Indians, Filipinos, Greeks, Czechs, Poles and many other ethnic groups. The only difference here is that it is Walmart, while most of the stores I mention are smaller operations.

Most of those ethnic stores have multilingual personnel.

Anonymous said...

fucking riduclous

Anonymous said...

go back to mexico this is America go back

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