Thursday, March 05, 2009

Triplefin acquires Flintfox USA

Triplefin, a Cincinnati-based provider of supply chain solutions, has acquired Flintfox USA as well as an interest in Flintfox's international business. Flintfox is based in New Zealand and offers a TPM package that will be complementary to Triplefin's offerings.
"Triplefin constantly works with our clients to make it transparent and easy for their staff, customers and other authorized users to create, execute and manage promotions," stated Jill Hein, Business Development Account Manager of Triplefin. "Triplefin has been a leader in promotion technology and execution for e-Commerce, DTC and retail channels, but it lacked a truly best-in-class technology for retail trade-spend. Flintfox is the answer, and I am very excited about the integration of Flintfox into Triplefin's Salefish technology platform," concluded Jill.
Flintfox had had a relationship with Kineticsware before that company ran into financial problems.

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