Sunday, February 08, 2009

P&G expanding car washes

Procter & Gamble has bought an Atlanta car wash chain and will use it as a foundation for expansion of their Mr. Clean experiment.

The move follows an August announcement by P&G that it was seeking franchisees to expand the car wash centers throughout Ohio and Kentucky, including with locations in the Dayton area. At the time it operated two local operations – in Deerfield Township and Evendale – and offered services at Fountain Square garage in downtown Cincinnati.

Now, Mr. Clean Car Wash operates 16 locations, including the two corporate-owned sites. Three other franchised locations are in the works.

On the one hand, using the Mr. Clean name on car washes certainly sounds like a natural brand extension. On the other, going into the car wash business seems rather distant from P&G's core competencies. On the third hand, who am I to question P&G?

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