Friday, October 17, 2008

Some folks are still growing

Not every retailer is closing stores, filing Chapter 11, or liquidating. Anna's Linens is still opening stores:

Anna's Linens last month opened a second Santa Ana store that sits less than 3 miles away from its other location in the same city.

The Costa Mesa-based discount home furnishings chain signed the lease for the new 9,200-square-foot store in August.

"It was not on our original 2008 new-store plan," said Scott Gladstone, chief operating officer. "However, we are always looking for opportunistic real estate to add to our portfolio of stores."

This makes 263 stores for this chain, which I guess makes them #2 in their category, now that Linens 'n Things is gone.

Target opened 45 stores last Friday, and Kohl's is opening 47 stores in the last quarter of the year, bringing them up to 1000 stores total.

The news is never all bad or all good.

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