Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Kineticsware buys Flintfox

Kineticsware announced today that it has acquired New Zealand TPM software firm Flintfox. According to the press release:
The acquisition will enable Kineticsware to provide a new generation of full lifecycle TPM solutions to consumer goods companies delivered both directly and through selected partners globally. The combined company will have 141 customers and operations in 12 countries across North America, Asia Pacific and Europe.
Kineticsware has built its reputation in the supply chain, and the acquisition of Flintfox would be intended to improve its trade promo capabilities as an extension of that basis. Or, as the press release puts it:
“Significant margin impact from skyrocketing raw materials costs such as wheat and oil have driven consumer goods companies of all sizes to explore ways to protect their margins in the contractual trading relationship with their retailers.” said Jeff Sampson, CEO, Kineticsware. “With this acquisition, Kineticsware increases the breadth of its functionality to support the entire lifecycle of a trade promotion from budgeting, planning, execution and settlement to monitoring and analysis."
Flintfox has a solid base in AsiaPac that will complement Kineticsware geographocally, plus they have some very good people.

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