Tuesday, May 08, 2007

In-store accountability

There have been a couple developments in the efforts to make in-store marketing more effective and accountable.

Nielsen has expanded their test of in-store measurement (we reported on it last December):
During this phase, Nielsen In-Store will extend P.R.I.S.M.'s coverage to all in-store marketing media, among them merchandising activity, retail TV and radio networks, shelf talkers, cart talkers, digital signage and other point-of-purchase displays. The research also will be expanded to a national sample of about 200 stores. Final specifications for linking information about consumer traffic and the presence of in-store media will be defined over the following six months, and the first robust reach-and-frequency measures are expected by the close of the year.
Meanwhile, Kimberley-Clark has started use of an idea that has been frequently discussed over the past couple years -- using RFID chips to track stores' deployment of POP materials.
Kimberly-Clark customized an RFID application that, after RFID tags are placed on the display cases, records when a promotional display is received at a store and checked into its backroom warehouse, and when the displays reach the designated sales floor.
Good results thus far: "Kimberly-Clark has increased compliance with its promotions to 75% from 55% of its participating stores, the company says."

As reliance on in-store marketing increases, as appears inevitable given media fragmentation, efforts such as these will become ever more important.

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