Sunday, May 06, 2007

Durables Council

As mentioned a few weeks ago, Mike Kantor at TPMA has been talking with various people about ways to get more involvement in the association from manufacturers in non-CPG categories -- durables, business-to-business, services, etc.

Since getting more involvement from durables people and having more subject matter at conferences specifically targeted to them (I'm not sure which is the chicken and which is the egg) are pet topics of mine, Mike has asked me to chair a committee to come up with a plan and to implement it.

We have some good people signed on to the committee, tentatively called the Durables Council (or Durables/B2B, or something like that -- we'll worry about the name later). We need more, of course, so be expecting a phone call asking you to volunteer, or better yet call me (708-758-0748) or Mike (646-442-3703).

We want input especially from manufacturers -- we want to know what you want from the association: what topics at meetings, what types of studies, research, information and services. We know we're dealing with busy people, so we won't demand a huge time investment -- a one-hour conference call once or twice a month, plus some thought in between. The only requirement is that you have opinions and are willing to express them.

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