Saturday, December 11, 2010

Zombie Brands

I've been interested for years in examples of old brand names being revived -- I recall being intrigued in the late 1980's when the Packard Bell computer was introduced. As a kid, our family's first TV in the early 50s was a Packard Bell, and I briefly thought it was from the same company. Which was, of course, the idea -- the computer company had bought up a respected brand name that was in disuse and thus gained a measure of credibility.

There was an auction of such brand names in New York recently:
It featured names in categories like beverages (Meister Brau beer, Snow Crop frozen orange juice) financial services (the Kuhn Loeb and Shearson brokerage firms), packaged foods (Allsweet margarine, Lucky Whip dessert topping), personal care (Mum and Stopette deodorants), publishing (Collier’s, Saturday Review) and retail (Computer City, Phar-Mor).
The Victrola brand name was sold for $1000 -- I wonder what it might be used for?

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