Sunday, May 18, 2008

Music distribution continues to evolve

A couple recent developments demonstrate the continuing changes taking place as the music business seeks to find ways to deal with the changing times.

Whole Foods seems to be entering the record business as Starbucks is leaving, offering a line of CDs featuring emerging artists:
The first artist in the Whole Foods Artist Discovery Series will be Greg Laswell, currently signed to Vanguard Records, a historic indie label that was once the home to the Weavers and Paul Robeson. Laswell's second LP is due from Vanguard this July, but before then he'll drop the EP "How The Day Sounds," which will be sold in Whole Foods locations this month.
Amazon, meanwhile, is going to be offering a "disc on demand" service, making available out of print CDs, in partnership with Sony, BMG, and EMI.

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