Wednesday, February 27, 2008

EU continuing on Intel probe

The European Union is continuing with its investigation of Intel:

Electricals giant DSGi had its headquarters in Hemel Hempstead raided yesterday, as part of the European Union's investigation of chipmaker Intel.

The EU is investigating allegations that Intel abused its dominance of the market for central processing units.

Intel's own offices in Munich and other retailers' offices were also raided. The investigators are looking for information related to allegations of excessive rebates.

Similar investigations are in progress in Korea and Japan, and a lawsuit has been brought in the US by AMD. In addition, last month the state Attorney General in New York served a subpoena for a state investigation:
Attorney General Andrew M Cuomo of New York issued a wide-ranging subpoena to the Intel Corporation on Thursday as part of an investigation into whether the company violated federal or state antitrust laws in the way it priced and sold microprocessors.

The investigation follows a preliminary look at Intel by Mr. Cuomo’s office over several months and is the latest in a string of legal challenges the company has faced around the world.

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