Sunday, October 28, 2007

And in further channel-blurring news ...

Dell appears to be well on the way to being a full-time player in the retail market, now announcing a deal with Staples:
Dell and the world's biggest office products supplier announced Monday that Staples would offer Dell desktop and notebook computers, monitors, printers, ink and toner starting Nov. 11. Dell products also will be available through Staples' Web site.
Dell built itself into the world's #1 computer brand on a direct-to-consumer model, but after losing the top spot to HP, they've moved into the retail space. Prior to the Staples deal, they recently moved into Wal-Mart. Outside the US, "Dell also has struck partnerships recently with Bic Camera Inc. in Japan, Carphone Warehouse PLC in Britain, and Gome stores in China."

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